UP FOR SALE: One NATURAL Golden Obsidian Bracelet


Size: 10mm Stones


Known for: Calm Emotions, Block/ Remove Negative Energy, healing, reduce stress & anger.



** most stones have some types of healing & calming emotions benefits, and the effectiveness of the stones solely depend on how strongly you believe in them, everyone reacts to these stones differently.   The power of your mind along with the crystal itself could do wonders.    **  if you have any mental or health problem, please seek professional help first.. Do not rely 100%  on these items to resolve your problems.     However, you can work with these stones,  talk to them & touch them once in awhile.   The power of your mind is magical, the more you believe in these stones & in yourself,  the more likely that you will get what you wish for.   "Good things come to those who believe that they are coming".

NATURAL Large Golden Obsidian Bracelet (Romove Negatively,calm emotions, healer)